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Located at 24200 E. Smoky Hill Rd. Aurora, CO

Highline Center For Vision Performance

We specialize in vision performance enhancement
for learning, career success and sports excellence.

Undiagnosed vision problems can impact family and individual relationships. We listen to you! And work with you to define, achieve and exceed your goals. HCVP has helped thousands of children and adults overcome visual deficiencies, as well as boost academic, career and athletic performance. We also successfully treat patients with crossed eyes and help rehabilitate visual systems affected by brain injuries. Our therapists and doctors bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, commitment and passion to each patient’s unique Vision Therapy program.

Our Doctors Answer Your Questions...

Is my child a good candidate for vision therapy?

Check out our symptom checklist to see if your child is a good candidate for vision therapy.

What is vision therapy?

Many eye examinations screen for visual acuity but do not properly evaluate other very important visual skills including tracking, focusing, eye teaming (the cooperation of the two eyes) and visual perceptual skills. Vision therapy is a doctor-supervised, non-surgical and customized program of visual activities designed to correct certain vision problems and/or improve visual skills including tracking, focusing & eye-teaming. Even if you pass an eye exam, you can still have visual skill deficiencies. With proper diagnosis and Highline’s individualized Vision Therapy programs, reading levels and comprehension can significantly improve.

My child passed his/her eye exam but is struggling with homework and reading – could this be a vision problem?

Yes, it very well could be a vision problem. Your child can pass an eye exam but still suffer from deficiencies in his or her visual system. These deficiencies can make it difficult to perform at school, affect reading comprehension, disrupt homework completion and affect focusing & willingness to learn. Check out our symptom checklist (link) to learn more about if your child is a good candidate for vision therapy or schedule your free vision + learning screening today.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our Vision Therapy experience!

Highline Center For Vision Performance partners with other professionals on patient care and aspire to be an invaluable resource for them. Optometrists, ophthalmologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech/language professionals and psychologists diagnose vision problems in their patients and refer to HCVP for care. In addition, teachers, tutors, educational consultants, coaches and others discover symptoms and have a place to refer for evaluation and treatment.


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