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From our Graduates

I’m back in school and I feel so much SMARTER!!! Spelling is going great!

~Austin, 9

My Vision Therapy was a huge success to me. I have accomplished each of my goals. I have better grades. I also have no headaches and I don’t have to squint. My tracking is much better as well. I don’t have any troubles at all during school any more. I can read faster also.

~Tiana, 13

I want to thank Ms. Connie for helping me with eye therapy. I am much better at school, football and baseball. In fact, I can hit the baseball so hard that I broke my bat! Thank you for helping me read better and school is easier now that my eyes don’t hurt anymore.

~Gunner, 10

My eyes began improving in Vision Therapy. A little while before I graduated, I started noticing a difference. By the last two appointments, MY EYES DIDN’T ACHE after therapy!! Then I graduated and started to read more.

I enjoy sitting down and reading a good book whenever I can!!! Now, when I finish my schoolwork, I feel like I can still read a book or do something else.

I was able to study very, very hard and make it to the top 100 and go to the National Bible Bee, which I was very excited about and had a blast. With all the reading and visualization for memory work, I think Vision Therapy really helped my eyes to be able to focus and not feel exhausted.

~Tiffany, 12

Before Vision Therapy I struggled with reading because I was a slow reader and when I read aloud the words were choppy. Sometimes I didn’t understand what I was reading on some pages. This made me feel mad and sad because I just wanted to be able to read faster and to understand what I was reading. When I started Vision Therapy, over time I noticed changes. The first thing I noticed was my fluency improved. I was reading faster! I could also understand more pages without having to re-read a lot. I also noticed my reading test scores were improving and my scores were becoming higher. That made me feel happy and proud of myself! I started to enjoy reading again. My spelling and writing also seemed to improve. I was always good at math, but I felt more confident in that area as well. I love to play soccer and towards the end of Vision Therapy I noticed I could juggle the ball and my foot skills improved. I enjoyed my sessions with Ms. Denise and had a lot of fun with her. I was happy and sad to graduate – happy because I worked hard but sad to not see Ms. Denise anymore.

~Mikayla, 9

I used to get headaches when I would try to read. I thought my eyes would never get better. Now the headaches are gone and I love to read. I also write better and faster. My eyes are now better and I am happy I graduated!

~Analise, 11


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