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Amblyopia: Causes & Treatments

Amblyopia, often called “lazy eye,” is a treatable disorder of vision development that begins during infancy and early childhood. With amblyopia, an otherwise healthy eye is unable to achieve normal visual acuity (20/20) even with glasses or contact lenses. In addition to poor visual acuity, people with amblyopia are more...

What is Vision Therapy

Vision is much more than just seeing 20/20. If there is a vision disorder unrelated to clarity, it may make working, learning, sports and hobbies significantly more difficult. Struggling students and hardworking adults may fall behind if their visual demands are overwhelming. Vision therapy is appropriate for treatment of tracking...

Brain Injury: Vision & Rehabilitation

Addressing damaged visual processing after an acquired brain injury can enhance your rehabilitation. ABI AND HIDDEN VISUAL PROBLEMS Vision is your body’s most important source of sensory information. If you’ve experienced a brain injury, the vital connection between your brain and your vision may be interrupted or damaged. While that...

Twice Exceptional: Gifted & Talented Kids Who Struggle

Children whose academic performance is significantly advanced compared to others their age are categorized as gifted. Yet, educators who work with children and teens identified as Gifted and Talented understand that though these students may be exceptional in some academic work, they may struggle to learn in other areas of...

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