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Every Program Is Customized For Your Success

At Highline Center for Vision Performance, we are passionate about developing vision skills so people can live to their full potential. Every day we are helping children overcome visual deficiencies so they can learn easily and helping adults break through visual barriers so they can finally pursue their dreams without limitations.

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  • FreeScreenings
    We provide complimentary testing that measures reading comprehension and reveals how hard the eyes are working. A person may have 20/20 vision and still have vision deficiencies that create great hurdles.
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    Vision therapy uses eye exercises and other techniques to retrain the eyes to function as a unit and coordinate the brains processing of visual information for binocular vision.
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    By enhancing existing visual function, you or your student will be able to read considerably faster, and retain and comprehend more information.
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    Performing with trained focus conserves energy for making the right calls, throwing and catching more effectively, perhaps even running faster with more dexterity.
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    There is a vital connection between the brain and vision. A brain injury such as a blow to the head or a stroke can interrupt the visual process in any number of areas.
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    When eyes do not line up in the same direction, the brain becomes confused and may learn to disregard the images from the weaker eye.
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    Today’s children are exposed to very different experiences in early childhood than they once were, and as a result many children have poor motor skills when they enter school.
  • Checklist
    Determine if you or your loved one is in need of Highline Vision Center’s help by scoring your symptoms on our checklist below.

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