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Vision Therapy Triumph: Elliot


Elliot, like many students, thought that his classroom struggles could be overcome by hard work alone. As a senior in high school he received a Vision and Learning Screening as recommended by Dr. Doyle, his Highline optometrist. He was then able to understand just how adversely his visual skills affected his learning. The screening revealed his reading comprehension was just 30 percent.

Reading is one of the most challenging aspects of education for school-aged children. It’s also one of the most important considering some amount of reading is required in nearly all subjects. Add a vision deficiency and reading can become an extremely anxiety-inducing part of the school equation. Continue reading

Vision Therapy Graduate — Cameron

Cameron C., 4th grader, shares his experience with Vision Therapy through Highline Center for Vision Performance. He explains that he struggled with almost every school subject as well as his balance but now he loves school and is in their gifted programs.

“Vision Therapy pretty much changed my whole entire life.”

From our Graduates

I’m back in school and I feel so much SMARTER!!! Spelling is going great!

~Austin, 9

My Vision Therapy was a huge success to me. I have accomplished each of my goals. I have better grades. I also have no headaches and I don’t have to squint. My tracking is much better as well. I don’t have any troubles at all during school any more. I can read faster also.

~Tiana, 13

I want to thank Ms. Connie for helping me with eye therapy. I am much better at school, football and baseball. In fact, I can hit the baseball so hard that I broke my bat! Thank you for helping me read better and school is easier now that my eyes don’t hurt anymore.

~Gunner, 10

My eyes began improving in Vision Therapy. A little while before I graduated, I started noticing a difference. By the last two appointments, MY EYES DIDN’T ACHE after therapy!! Then I graduated and started to read more.

I enjoy sitting down and reading a good book whenever I can!!! Now, when I finish my schoolwork, I feel like I can still read a book or do something else.

I was able to study very, very hard and make it to the top 100 and go to the National Bible Bee, which I was very excited about and had a blast. With all the reading and visualization for memory work, I think Vision Therapy really helped my eyes to be able to focus and not feel exhausted.

~Tiffany, 12

Before Vision Therapy I struggled with reading because I was a slow reader and when I read aloud the words were choppy. Sometimes I didn’t understand what I was reading on some pages. This made me feel mad and sad because I just wanted to be able to read faster and to understand what I was reading. When I started Vision Therapy, over time I noticed changes. The first thing I noticed was my fluency improved. I was reading faster! I could also understand more pages without having to re-read a lot. I also noticed my reading test scores were improving and my scores were becoming higher. That made me feel happy and proud of myself! I started to enjoy reading again. My spelling and writing also seemed to improve. I was always good at math, but I felt more confident in that area as well. I love to play soccer and towards the end of Vision Therapy I noticed I could juggle the ball and my foot skills improved. I enjoyed my sessions with Ms. Denise and had a lot of fun with her. I was happy and sad to graduate – happy because I worked hard but sad to not see Ms. Denise anymore.

~Mikayla, 9

I used to get headaches when I would try to read. I thought my eyes would never get better. Now the headaches are gone and I love to read. I also write better and faster. My eyes are now better and I am happy I graduated!

~Analise, 11


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