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Denise Gibson, B.S., C.O.V.T.

Director of Vision Therapy, Operations Manager

Denise joined Highline in August of 1985 shortly after moving from Southern California to Colorado. Her background in teaching made her a great fit for the practice’s expanding Vision Therapy program. From the beginning she enjoyed connecting with patients, their families, and staff members. She also enjoyed the opportunity to become a lifelong learner.  As she soon discovered, there is always more to know or a new way to put your knowledge to work. She partnered with other staff members to develop the current Vision and Learning Screening that Highline provides to countless individuals. Her organizational expertise has been instrumental in the development of the extensive Home Therapy Program that complements Highline's in-office vision therapy.

“I find the most rewarding part of my position at Highline Center for Vision Performance comes from those moments when I know I am giving a patient or a family hope that they have not found elsewhere.  This includes explaining the process, testing, consulting, and answering countless questions.  I want to be sure every Vision Therapy patient has all the necessary tools to be successful!”

In her free time Denise enjoys spending time with her large extended family that includes 9 grandchildren.  She also loves to garden, quilt, and try new recipes.  She enjoys spending time outdoors exploring our beautiful state of Colorado!


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