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Nancy Stevens, B.A., C.O.V.T.

Educator, Vision Therapist

Nancy’s career as a member of the Highline Team has spanned nearly 40 years. As a Title One reading teacher she became aware of the importance of good visual skills. She was led to behavioral optometry when her son was struggling with reading for no apparent reason. Little did she know that passing a vision screening in school or at the pediatrician had nothing to do with the skills necessary for reading. After completing his course of vision therapy, she was amazed at what a stellar reader he had become! The entire experience was life altering by relieving stress for him and his family.

“Vision therapy changed my career path and has given me a life of purpose and incredible joy. I am an educator teaching parents and students how visual skills and learning are totally connected. To see the transformations of the patients as they develop new confidence and reach their potential has given me my life’s mission beyond my imagination. A day at Highline fills my heart and soul. I will be forever grateful for the gift of knowledge the doctors have given me to impact the lives of our patients.”

Outside of Highline, Nancy enjoys travel with her husband of 53 years and daily walks with their pup, Mc Duff. She feels truly blessed to have her children and grandchildren living in the area.


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