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About Us


Our team is dedicated to helping people achieve their highest potential.

Since 1982 Highline Center for Vision Performance has been positively impacting lives through vision therapy. We have helped thousands of children and adults overcome visual deficiencies, as well as boost academic, career and athletic performance.

Our Vision Therapy programs are led by a team of specialists, all of whom are nationally certified in Vision Therapy. This team has extensive experience working with patients who have developmental and acquired vision conditions. Additionally, the progress of every patient is overseen by one of our optometrists, all of whom are board certified in Vision Therapy.

This same care and expertise is also available to athletes who wish to enhance their sports performance and professionals who want to excel in the workplace. Visual skills can be trained and improved to allow an athlete or business person to take in more information and process it faster to make quicker decisions.

In order to constantly improve our vision therapy program our doctors and therapists have a monthly study group meeting where we investigate new research and technology, explore and develop new therapy techniques, and collaborate on individual cases. In addition, we put high value on continuous learning by attending annual continuing education courses outside our office.

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Every day we hear success stories from our Vision Therapy graduates:


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